Waterfall Creek Reserve {Campsite Review}

We were so excited when the day finally arrived to pick up our new camper trailer. After months of comparing, choosing and waiting we rocked up at the warehouse, hooked up the trailer…. and… didn’t drive off. Nope, in our typical style something always has to go wrong and on this occasion it was faulty wiring to the trailer plug in the car. Oh man! 

Photo of white hard floor forward fold camper trailer behind 4wd

Thankfully hubby is pretty resourceful and had it repaired quite quickly (and amazingly had all the tools and wires in the car already, sweet!) and we backed up for take 2… success, we have lights working. And with that, we pointed our noses towards the family farm and had a lovely weekend relaxing with family and excitedly camping out. As awesome as that was, it’s not really camping when you are metres away from a house with a kitchen, bathroom…etc… 

What we really needed was to take her away for real to see how camping with her was. Well I can tell you, it’s pretty marvellous. I’m pretty sure we now fall in the glamping catergory, what with a queen sized bed, lounge area, fully plumbed kitchen with gas stove and power available at the flick of a switch. Talk about easy and comfortable! 


12002794_10208200616152538_1705921160628729082_n 11954584_10208176615352533_5525118967540575344_n


We picked Waterfall Creek Reserve as our first camping spot. It is located near Maroon in the Scenic Rim about an hour and a half southwest of Brisbane. We really enjoyed it there even if it was busy with school holidays. 

Waterfall Creek Reserve – At a glance


Date Visited: 26-27 September 2015 (Qld School Holidays)

Number of nights spent at camp: 1

Cost per night: $12 per site for up to 12 people.

How to book: Scenic Rim Council

Weather while at camp: Rain Saturday afternoon. Warm and cloudy other times. Storm Sunday afternoon which required an early packup.

Facilities present: large concrete firepits. No toilet, bin, water or shower facilities.

Condition of Facilities:  Firepits  were large and made of concrete. Room on corners to rest campovens and other tools.

Dogs allowed: Yes

Mobile phone reception: Very limited Telstra reception. We picked up a couple messages but that was all. 

Camp surface (eg. Grass, dirt): Large, grassed sites  without bollards. Sites were not completely flat but were large enough to find level areas to pitch camp.

Activities at/nearby camp: Creek with waterfall  (not flowing during visit). 4wd only track up to top of the ridge (200m walk at top) giving views over Lake Maroon and surrounding mountains.


 The camp was located in a pleasant valley between the mountains and when we arrived at around 9am people were really just starting their days… breakfasts were cooking and people were starting to wander around the creek. It’s a spacious camp, with 4 large grassed sites. Each site can have up to 12 people camping there but none were full to capacity during our visit. It was busy however, due to school holidays, with all sites occupied and people illegally camping down on the creek frontage. While sites were allocated by the council at the time of booking, this was not followed by those at the camp. We had booked site 2, but ended up camping in site 1. All the sites are fairly consistent, so this isn’t really an issue. This is a very basic camp, there are no facilities except for large concrete firepits at each site. Firewood must be brought in, as collecting on site is not allowed. Dogs are allowed at the camp but must be kept on a leash and picked up after. 

DSC_0181 DSC_0206


Once we had set up the trailer we hung around camp for a while waiting for my brother to arrive. There isn’t much mobile phone reception in the area so we weren’t able to find out where he was. Around lunchtime we decided to head for a drive to nearby Rathdowney and pick up a couple things and on our way back, ducked into a lovely little cafe for lunch. Upon arrival back at camp we discovered my brother’s camp chair under our awning, but he was no where to be found. Oh well, can’t call him, so we just sat back, read a book and waited for him to turn up… and he soon did, turned out we had just missed each other when we were coming back in. I was looking forward to exploring the creek during the afternoon as it looked interesting with large rock walls, but mother nature had other plans for us and decided to deliver steady rain for a few hours. One positive though… we now know our tent is waterproof! The rain did ruin our plans for campfire pot roast, not to worry however as we just cooked it on the gas stovetop. It was a fairly early night for all and I’d love to say that I fell asleep to the sounds of nature… but well… it was school holidays, so I took precautions and slept with my trusty earplugs in. I’ll have to report on the nightly noises on my next visit.

The next morning we rose fairly early and got stuck into a tasty cooked breakky before deciding to tackle the 4wd track that leaves from the campsite. It travels through private property (please remember to leave gates the way you found them) and pops out on top of a mountain at the start of the upper portals bushwalk; an 8km hike through Mt Barney National Park. While we didn’t tackle the hike this time (no dogs allowed in the national park) we did walk a couple hundred metres up the slope from the top carpark to check out the view over Lake Maroon and the Great Dividing Range. It is spectacular! The 4wd track, while not overly difficult is very steep and rough and should not be tackled without a 4wd and some experience driving offroad. Also, I would recommend getting going pretty early as we were the only ones on the track on the way up… not so the case on the way down and we saw plenty of cars head through the camp on their way up during the day. There are places to pass oncoming cars on the track but it is tight so heading up when its not as busy just makes it a little easier. 


After we made our way carefully back down the 4wd track, we decided to go check out some of the surrounding area particularly the lake that we had seen from on top of the mountain. Lake Maroon was very pretty, glistening in the sun but it didn’t take long before the sun was starting to disappear behind big stormy clouds. Not wanting to have to pack up the camper after rain we raced back to camp and quickly put everything away. It was a lovely first camping weekend with our camper trailer and we are itching to get and explore some more of our backyard. 

Jodie standing in front of Lake Maroon

Farm shed in countryside

Camper Trailer Stats

Total nights spent in trailer: 4

Total kms travelled with trailer: 586

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